Tuesday, October 1, 2013

So… How’s the Weather over there?

Yes yes. The weather.

Arica is known as being the city of eternal spring. It’s always spring-ful weather here (minus the rain because we’re in a desert and it doesn’t rain in the desert). But there’s a little kick to this “eternal spring.”

You see, the sun here is extremely strong! Just walking outside for 10 minutes when the sun is out makes you start sweating, and especially when the sun is at your back, it feels so hot. So when the sun is out and shining, it’s shorts and tank top weather all the way. But as soon as you go in the shade, or a cloud comes, the temperature drops what feels like 20 degrees. It’s crazy the change in temperature just from not having the sun. And the same goes in the evenings; as soon as the sun goes down, it gets cold! So trying to dress accordingly has been difficult. The pattern seems to be that in the morning, it’s cloudy, and therefore cold. But after our morning classes, the sun is out. So I’ll go home, change into something more weather appropriate, and after lunch I’ll walk back to class. But after class is out at 5/5:30, it’s starting to get a little windy and the clouds are rolling in again, and I begin to wish I had my jacket and long pants on again….

But usually before the sun is going down, most of the clouds have gone away making for a beautiful sunset :)

All for now!


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